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HMS Ardent



Captains Diary
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HMS Ardent

In the early hours of the 21 May in San Carlos Water. Yarmouth's task was to provide anti-submarine and anti-air Protection.  Throughout the bright, sunny day she patrolled in Falkland Sound as enemy Mirage and A4 aircraft attacked both the landing area in San Carlos Water and the ships protecting the landing force. During one such attack in the afternoon, HMS ARDENT was hit and set on fire. Shortly afterwards a wave of Skyhawks again attacked HMS ARDENT which immediately began to list and to burn more fiercely. Yarmouth went to her aid and took off the ship's company as the fire spread towards the magazines. She then headed for San Carlos Water where she transferred her crew to SS CANBERRA.



'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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