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Friday 25th & Saturday 26th October

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Wash Up


Well what can we say about the 2013 Birmingham Reunion? ……….. Although it turned out to be a great success as is usual with a bunch of matelots on a run ashore, our numbers were low in comparison to previous occasion. Why this was I don’t know, I suppose we could all suggest one reason or another such as Wrong Venue, Lack of promotion and information or just lack of interest.

As far as the Venue is concerned, the Nautical Club was perfect, and I mean perfect. It is adorned with Royal Navy memorabilia, Ships badges and Ships Crests from so so many ships on every wall iof the Bar, Function Rooms, Hallways and Lobby on every wall in the place apart from the heads, paintings of past Armed Forces heroes gave a superb atmosphere and one that made you feel proud to have served. The Staff was 1st class and so pro service you’d call them ‘Anchor Faced’. The only thing missing was bodies, those of us that were their rattled around the place but nevertheless a great time was had by all on both the Friday and Saturday Nights, those of you that weren’t there dipped out.

On the Friday and Saturday DTS we used a pub called the ‘Tap & Spile’, that too was brilliant and although a bit short on Bar Staff it wasn’t a problem and we were just left to do what ever we liked. On the Saturday the Loud Shirt contest was by won by an absolute clear and justified winner who without doubt deserved the honour bestowed upon him. The Prize, a bottle of KRAKEN RUM (nectar) was duly shared with all that attended. Oh yes sorry the winner was Me!

As most of you appreciate, I do try and select places around the country so that its not always “Too Far”, and for those of you out there waiting until it comes to where you live, please don’t’ insult those that get there ass in gear and make the effort to attend where ever it is. I have asked for suggestions in the past, but when I get at most 5% of the membership making suggestions and 70% of that 5% are those that have never attended as yet, it doesn’t give me much incentive to keep beating on deaf ears. So I try and spread it about a bit, having said that I would dearly love to give it another go at the Nautical Club, otherwise maybe back to Newcastle or Edinburgh where both have been favoured with higher attendance, it’s a fair old hike from Bristol but I will be there where ever it is ................ we could always try Torquay!!!!

 ‘Lack of Promotion’…… did I do enough to let everyone know? ……… Only you can tell me that, I thought I did as much pushing as I usually do, I know I get more and more emails ‘Bounce’ as members fail to update new email addresses that I hold for them, but with the added use of Facebook I had assumed more were getting the message. One problem is that once someone says they can’t make it this time, for what ever the reason, its difficult to take them out of the distribution of further info and maybe that p****s some you off a bit. I can only apologise for that, but in fairness there are those that change their minds and come any way.

‘Lack of Interest’ ………. Is it getting too much? Don’t you want it anymore? Are there too many Reunions is it because it is always a JOINT reunion, if it that I will be surprised as the numbers attending would be embarrassing if was just one the two ships crews.

Any and All feed back can only help and mend what may be becoming a problem or tell me I am over reacting after what may be a blip.

Ray Lester

Website Coordinator.




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