Peter 'Brum' Keen

1968 to 1970


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1.Les Deakin  2.Dave Hands 3.Jock Cuthbertson  4.Ted Hobby (Ceceased) 5.Steve Maskell 6. Pete Keen

I joined the Yarmouth during re-fit in Pompey in 1968 and was drafted to HMS Osprey in 1970. The Wasp helicopter that commissioned  was 456 Piloted By Lt Colin Hague from Sutton Coldfield, who, if I am correct, became a test pilot for Westland. I can well remember collecting all the stores from Aggie's for the Bun-Run (Wardroom), Firewatching as the Dockyard Maties welded things above hatches to the Boiler/Engine Room and not waiting until you reached the bottom of the ladder before showering you with sparks, the same maties lagging the pipes along the Burma Way showering us in something that might not be so easily brushed off. Happy Days.

I've remembered the chef from my first e-mither it was L/Ck Les Deakin.Aggie Weston, the original PO Stwd ,was replaced By PO Stwd Ted Hobby.I met Ted in the 80's while on holiday in Weymouth, he was strolling down St Mary Street dressed as a postman, probably because that was what he was. I arranged to have a tot with him but we missed each other. I returned to Weymouth the following year stopped a postie in the street and asked about Ted only to find that he'd passed on.Missed opportunity, that's life eh?

Regards Pete Keen (Brum) Steward


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