Barry 'Clubs' Leech

1968 to 1971

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I saw a submission from Barrie Lomas, who must have been on the same commission a I was, 1968 Ė 1970. Is this the same (Then) Sub Lieutenant Lomas, who, when we departed from Melbourne for Sydney decided to take some of the Comms ratings on an overland exped in HMS Londonís Land Rover ? If I remember correctly, he drove all the way in 4 wheel drive (Maybe had the diff lock in as well) and on arrival at Sydney, had totally screwed up the Landyís gearbox!

Does anyone remember the Beira Bucket competitions? As we had the flight deck for the chopper, we were able to play Mini soccer, Deck hockey, Baseball, Judo, Obstacle course etc. It was a club swingers nightmare trying to come up with something different to do on a weekly basis. Our main opposition was the Rothsay, who was on Beira Patrol at the same time. We even reverted to Kite flying in the end which a certain PO Tiffy (Canít remember his name) won for us hands down. Its a small world, as 30 years on, I was working in Beira looking out ! I can assure you that we didnít miss any run ashore there!  Even LM radio was still operating, although it is called Radio Maputo now. Anyone remember the Jimmy, Lt Cdr Robinson ? I met him by chance in 1980 at Windhoek airport in Namibia. He was just about to board a plane for Cape Town, but we at least recognized each other from Yarmouth days. Sorry about the ramblings but these things just come into my head from time to time. Unfortunately I do not have any old photographs at all.

I Attended the HMS Ganges New Years day reunion in Simons town this year (2007), and met up with Smudge Smith who was on Yarmouth's first commission in 1960.



Barry today Living in South Africa


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