Garry (Bungy) Edwards

 1975 to 1977


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There are some relating to being up the ice when the Baldur buggered us, along with some newspaper cuttings from the time which my mum (as all mums do) collected and put them in a scrap book.

There is also a small article about the time we shelled an island of the northwest coast of Scotland which was part of a RN gunnery range, the only problem with this situation was the people who had anchored their yacht just off shore and rowed ashore for a picnic were not aware of the islands military use!!

Another couple of snippets relate to the infamous families day on the 26th August 1976 when the Wasp took off to do the “Highly planned Yarmouth Display” for the families and ended the display with a “not so planned” ditch in the sea which kind of brought the families day to an abrupt end!  The air crewman was air lifted off by sea king and the pilot was back on the bridge 10 minutes later explaining to the skipper where his chopper was!

A single shot of new prop shafts being fitted in South Shields, I can’t exactly remember the date of this but think it was after we got the new bows fitted in Chatham post cod war.  We got back from the ice March 6th ish and so would have been a few months after that as we went to Weymouth for work up after bows were fitted.

The only other shot is of some of the stokers of 75-77 I have done a quick guide to the photo as best as I can remember but maybe someone can fill in a few blanks for me.


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