Graham 'Pusser' Hill

1962 to 1963


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I have a few Photos you can put on the web page, it was along time ago and the mind might not recall the exact dates but the Dry dock photo was of the Rothesay in Gib After we hit a Sub called the Gur, she was Turkish. the date I think was 1962 March, The Sub was also towed into Gib, we were there for a few months, After that we went to Londonderry and I believe the whole crew exchanged with the Yarmouth and we then did Patrols North of Norway/ Sweden on Submarine Patrol. I remember it was very cold and the lookouts only did 20 mins about. The sea was freezing as it broke over us. The other picture is of the young innocent TAS ratings in Plymouth, not a smoker in sight. I am the 4th from the left as you view.

I remember if you bought a 1/2 pint you could then pay 1 & have the Name of your ship, rank, date etc engraved on the glass. It then remained with me for 7 years a tot each day , + each Sunday a tot of Pussers before dinner. is this a record for one glass ?? I still have my Tot Glass from Daltons Famous Bar Londonderry May 1963 has anybody else got there tot glass?

Best wishes to fellow shipmates.

Graham (Pusser) Hill (AB)

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