Joe Humphries

1967 to 1971

Chief EA

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Yarmouth was my last ship before I left the Navy and I joined her in Portsmouth where she was being fitted with a Wasp Helicopter I served from19th December1967 until18th April 1971 I joined as the Cheif EA but got recategorised as a CCEA(L) and later a chap called Pete Dominy an exOA joined and took over the old CHEA duties whilst I took over all the weapons, the boss was Lt.Cdr Langham- Brown who was not very popular. The captain  I knew very well as Yarmouth was our 3rd ship together.  He was Cdr. Robert Gerken a Dagger Navigator. The Gunnery Officer was Lt. Bill Dungate who actually organised Lord Mountbatten's funeral Like most matelots I have a fund of tales of the happenings on Yarmouth.


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