Kelvin 'Taff' Jones

1968 to 1970

Seaman (Nav's Yeo)

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As requested a quick flit over the past 30+ years, where has the time gone? Left the mob late 76 after doing a couple of years as FOF1ís driver (the stress of it all), drove buses in Pompey for a couple of years and returned to Aberystwyth just before Christmas 78, the old rum and coke got me by late 79 and I ended up married, what I thought was a day out is still going strong and the family is complete with my son Karl (26) and daughter Cara (24). Spent 13 years with MANWEB (Regional Elect Board) in the logistics field, redundancy came with the takeover by Scottish Power fortunately I was working on a new management system project at the time and the company (AMT-SYBEX) who were implementing it offered me a job as a consultant Ė totally different world- Spent the next few years gallivanting round the UK & Ireland. Finished that role about 18 months ago and now working for a local coach company as the office manager (whatís in a name eh?) Looking at the photos of the last reunion has wetted the appetite a bit and hopefully Iíll be at the next, anyway thatís all for now talk to you soon.


In the colour is Me, Tony Eacott & Jock Maclean, Singapore Oct 1969 - the next one is Me and Taff Huggett in the London Bar Gibraltar Nov 1970


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