This page is Dedicated to the Memory of:

Alan 'Basil' BEGG


06/12/1946 - 23/03/1999

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Letter from Basil's wife Ann

I'm sorry to learn about Alan he served with me during the Falklands war. I was in the fwd PO's Mess but knew him very well He shall be missed...........Best Wishes

Scouse Sweeney.

I was so sorry to learn about Alan (baz), he was always ready to have a laugh. I remember the times down the boiler room during the Falklands 82, I was his evap w/k. We missed all the excitement up top as we where always down the hole.

Rick Irvine.

Basil was my POM of watch and he was always cracking jokes and some very strange smells after he had been on the drink. as a young lad (was only 17 at the time ) he really helped me. i am sure he is deeply missed by his family.


I was a boiler front stoker on his watch for a while and I will always remember Baz's sense of humour and the fact that he could launch a wheel spanner (used for opening valves for all you non technical branches) and hit you no matter what the distance, if you fell asleep during the middle watch or flamed the boiler out. In my opinion he was a brilliant Pommy of the watch, he never flapped and panicked, he just did his job very very well. RESPECT.

Ginge Daniels

I was Baz's other boiler front stoker with Ginge, and can't add much more to what Ginge has already said, except that as young junior stoker, I couldn't have asked for better POM, especially in the circumstances we ended up in. 

In the words of Rudyard Kipling; 

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you"

Freddie Forsyth

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