This page is Dedicated to the Memory of:

Andy 'Peabag' Pearson


Died October 1984

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My name is Mark Pearson I am Andy's brother and obviously remember Andy very well he is still very much loved and missed by all his family.

Andy was killed in car accident on his return to his ship in October 1984 ironically the accident happened in Weymouth after travelling all the way from his home town of Stockton-on-tees in the North East.

He was married to Carol who at the time of his death was pregnant with Andy's daughter Hannah who is now aged 22 and very beautiful and they look very much alike.

I and my other brother Chris were very close to Andy we were good mates even after the odd scuffle, those you who remember him may recall how accident prone and absent minded he was, maybe that's why he forgot to mention his name 'Peabag'.

I remember once he was due to return to his ship on the train but couldn't find his ticket which was in his wallet we had the house in bits with everyone being accused, at the last minute of all places we found the wallet tucked nicely behind the cheese in the fridge that was typical of him we had some good laughs.

Cheers Mark

Remember Peabag well .
I was on the Plymouth with him and remember the wedding followed far too closely by the funeral.
A great guy who always had everyone in stitches. Another great guy that went too early but is not forgotten.
Dave (Leon) Spinks

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