This page is Dedicated to the Memory of:

Jack Adair


Died in Malta in 1973

Aged 26 years

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 Jack tragically died in a car crash whilst still grieving over the death, a month earlier of his new born baby girl Linda

Jack was my 'Sea Daddy' when I joined HMS Yarmouth in 1968. He was a great lad. Came from Northern Ireland originally. He was a very good footballer too. He certainly looked after me in the first year on board, making sure I kept out of trouble and that I made it back on board before midnight. Although he himself doffed his cap on a couple of occasions. He had a lovely family and the last time I saw Jack was when I had a pint with him in the Silver Cross pub in Whitehall when he was stationed at the admiralty. I was told of his tragic death by an ex Yarmouth officer with whom I served with on HMS Maidstone in Northern Ireland. You were a great lad Jack, one of the best.

Pete Sharp

we served onboard the Albion together from 1964 - 1966, 18 months in the Far East. He Was born in the Suffolk district of Belfast and he was about 6 months older than me, which would mean that this year he would be 60.

Jack's first ship was the Undaunted in the Portland Squadron (Capt F2)  which he joined from Mercury, the Albion was his second. Personal memories of Jack are that he was an all round 'good hand', brilliant snooker player, football was no problem, as a card player he was superb, even the old 'three-badgers' couldn't out-brag him. Snappy dresser and he could pull the birds, he always got the good lookers and he used to lend me a fiver to take on their (often less than beautiful) mates. This may sound like I'm remembering Jack through rose tinted glasses, but he really was a great mate. Oh, yeah, and he could also handle himself rather well when in a tight corner.

Phil Rowe ex-RO2(T)

Must have been a good person simply because I found this on the net and I also try to be that way, was born close to him my birth was 10/44, my name is also Jack Philip Adair, now old kids gone not as happy as I once was but still have a wonderful wife that helps me day to day ,may god bless your Jack and I think it is wonderful that  you remember and remembered him after death.


Jack was my darling husband and I still grieve for him now.  They say that times a healer but it's not really, you just have to get used to someone not being around anymore. Someone sent me the link to this website and I got quite a shock when I opened it.  It was as if time stood still for a moment.  I loved him dearly and wonder what he would have been like now as he would have been 62.  I still miss him and I'll never forget the 5 happy years we had together as man and wife.  Sadly, I have lost touch with all his family.  His son is called Brian and he was only 4 at the time of Jack's death.  He is now 41 and a deep sea diver and if you ever saw the TV programme called Real Men when it featured the diver's, well that is the job he does now and I'm very proud of him and I know his dad would be too.  I could go on forever but I'll shut up now.  Thanks for all your lovely comments, he was a fantastic man with a terrific sense of humour.  Also thank you to whoever set up this website.  It's really lovely that you thought of this memorial and I'm so chuffed.

Sheila Adair

I joined the Navy at HMS Ganges with Jack and we became really good friends.  HMS Mercury was our next stop to continue our training.  During this time we decided to go to Pompey for a drink one evening and then call in on my parents, unfortunately we had,had one or two to many and my father made us sleep in the shed with the cat overnight.  Following Mercury we both got a draft to HMS Undaunted as as young lads we had some fun, keeping well clear of my father.  I then left Undaunted and sadly never ran into Jack again.  I asked around for years as to where he may be and it wasnít until I was speaking with a sub-Lieutenant Milligan an Irishman whilst serving in HMS Drake that I heard what may have happened to Jack.  Now I have come across this site.  I am really sorry that this has been proved to be correct because he was a really good friend and workmate and you donít get many of them in this life.  May he rest in peace... He will not be forgotten.

Dave Harfield

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