This page is Dedicated to the Memory of:

John 'Jan' Purnell


Died 3rd September 1997


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Big Jan originally from Yeovil and a keen supporter of its football team. Bet he's smiling down on them now they have been promoted. Jan was 3F messdeck killick when I joined the Y in 1968. A genial good hearted lad well liked by those who knew him.  And like his photograph he seemed to always have a smile on his face.

Peter Sharp

I first met Jan (Ernie) in 68 when we re-commissioned after conversion. He became big oppos of Al Healy and Dave Asprey (Ships flight). He was a mainstay of the ships rugby team together with Trixie Treece, Danny Danks, Tex Ritter and the rest of us and we were very successful only getting beaten twice in 2 years.

I next met Jan unexpectedly in 71. I was on the PTA unit in Singers and we had a holding unit in Mombasa which we went to twice a year .I had to send a signal and went to the commcen at Mombasa HQ and who should be there but the man himself.

My visits to Mombers from then on were great :- Uphomers,fishing, playing for Mombasa RFC and even attending and auditing the books of the local RAOB lodge.

The last time we met was in 75 at the Pompey Field Gun Crew track. I was Running for the Air Command and we attended the Pompey public run night. We had numerous wets together and did the old nostalgia bit and parted for the last time.

Jan it was a pleasure to know you.

Tom Atkinson.

I served with Jan Purnell when was the Chief RS in HMS Juno in 1976.  We had a few good runs ashore in Chatham when the ship was in refit.  I didnt know he had died.
RIP Shippers
John "Joe" Erskine

I met Jan When I joined the Y in 68 he was killick of the mess I was Bosuns mate at the the qm was Dickie Dawson, I have fond memories of Jan to me he was a real gentleman. I have a photo of him in the sods opera I hope this reminds all our crew the amusing side of Jan my best wishes to the family.

Pat Donegan

I met Jan when we both served on FOST Staff in 1990, I also remember him for his great smile, he was a professional sea ride and a good Oppo,  I was the President of the WO and Senior Rates Mess at Osprey and Jan steped forward when I was due to retire to take on the reigns of that large and diverse membership Mess, he certainly made the hand over very smooth.

I hope your course when you crossed the bar Jan was a smooth one.


David Addis WOMAA


I've always wandered what it'd be like if you were still alive today; you'd be able to tell me first hand all of those great experiences that you'd had over the years, that I've heard so much about.

And whether or not you still being here would have influenced my life.

I'm blabbering, I don't really know what to type sorry

I miss you.
Your Grandson, Harry.x

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