This page is Dedicated to the Memory of:

Les Disson

Crossed the Bar 17th July 2010

Aged 76

LS (TAS)  onboard 1959

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Leslie Disson passed away peacefully on 17th July 2010 after bravely coping with Parkinsons for the past 12 years and then cancer.  He was a wonderful man and he felt blessed to have been back in contact with some of his old shipmates from HMS Yarmouth, John (aitch) Homan, Mike Parker and Dave Skinner, meeting up with them in recent years recalling some great stories and times spent together.   Dave Skinner and his wife came to funeral but unfortunately John couldn't as he has been taken in to hospital, I hope he has a speedy recovery. It is a wonderful website that you have created and I know dad enjoyed it.

Debbie Dunne - Leslie's daughter

Thank you for your kind condolences.  Dad was a proud man as you say and a brave one too, he had throat cancer and a laryngectomy which unfortunately took away his ability to speak in the end and with his Parkinsons he was unable touse the speaking valve either.  It was frustrating time for him, but never once did he ever complain about the hand that life had dealt him.  He kept up with his old shipmates via email and regularly looked on your website for Yarmouth news.He served on HMS Yarmouth and other ships too (Owen, Loch Alvie and one other I can't remember the name of) and I know that he worked on TAS  - sonar detection in the Suez and other places, he left the Navy as Petty Officer in 1963 having served since 1951.

Family of Les Disson - Shirley his wife and daughters Mandy and Debbie

My deep felt wishes to the family.

Dave Thomas

Les served onboard before my time and he actually joined the RN before I was born and I am soon to be a Great Granddad, so it goes without saying that I didn't actually know Les but, in the privilege position that I am I did have the opportunity to be in touch by email, in 2009 I had spoken to him on the telephone, he really wanted to attended the reunion in Bristol that year and was determined to get there, unfortunately his health deteriorated and he had to miss it. Our telephone conversation was difficult as Les's voice was almost gone and it must have been painful for him to talk to, but he would not give up until he knew I had understood what we were talking about ........ A Proud Man indeed.

Ray Lester - site coordinator

Farewell old shipmate, The first commission of the old girl was a great one and is remembered by all of us with affection. Not many of us left now unfortunately but when we meet again on the other side of the bar under the captaincy of Hard Over Henry once more we’ll reinstate tot time and talk of old times. Rest easy.

Jan Birchenall  (forward seamens mess)

Les Disson was the killick of our TAS mess in 1960 sailing for the Far East on the ships first commission. Les was the kind of “Hooky” that could get any one to do any thing with out fuss. He could do that because Les was a man well liked, and well respected. If there was a gripe that needed sorting then Les was the man to go to. My only regret was getting him arrested with five of us in Singapore by Red caps, on my birthday run. Him being completely innocent, Les still remained with us at defaulters and as our spokes man …was able to get any charges dropped. That was Les Disson. Les was a man I always admired, a good seaman and leader. A true Navy man and friend.

After 45 passing years with the help of the Internet, messmates Dave Skinner, Mike Parker and myself were able to meet up on a few occasions and swing the lamp with Les, and as we all do, relate those days we shared when in our youth. Sadly our first meeting found Les was suffering “Parkinsons” still it was like 45 years had just faded away and we sat talked and lived it all again.

Just before Les crossed the bar I myself was in hospital under emergency surgery, so my one regret was that like Mike P, I was unable to attend along side Dave S, and pay my respects. So today, back on my feet I just wanted to say…..

I’m proud to have sailed with you Les, and to have known you as a friend.

Sleep in peace my old sailing companion,

John (Jonno Aitch ) Homan


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