This page is Dedicated to the Memory of

Kevin Tomlinson.GM


Died March 23rd 1987 aged 26

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George Medal

Provincial Police Award, for Brave Assistance to the Police

Hi Dusty, you don't know me, but lm Kevin's wife Maria. Danny Melville told me about this site, and I've spent many happy and tearful moments over the last few weeks reading about the lads and there memories. I just know Kevin would have enjoyed it to. Our daughter Becky [19yrs] can't remember her Dad at all, so any insight into his life is of great interest to her. All she knows about him really, is what I have told her and all the "hero" type stuff she gets from her Grandparents. You know the type of thing --'Your Dad was such a hero, he got the George Medal he was so brave, etc., etc." and I'm not saying for one minute that I disagree with that because I don't, he was in my eyes all that and more. But its nice for her to read about the real Kevin. The daft lad that got drunk and fell down, that ate daffodils with Danny, played football, went out with his mates all the normal things

We both love to see the pics of Kevin, lots of them I've never seen before, he died well before his time and is still sadly missed.

Thanks for the memorial its really nice.

Maria Tomlinson-Callan

I remember joining the Yarmouth, my first ship, on December 15th to be told I was Xmas duty !! So I went down to join the Greenies Mess feeling pretty sorry for myself and not really sure what to expect.

It just so happened on the same day that they were having the 'Secret Santa'. As the new kid I wasn't obviously included, but Big Tommo went to the NAAFI (which bare in mind had nothing to offer, bar ships memorabilia and kit kats !!) and bought me an HMS Yarmouth  plaque which he duly wrapped and gave to me, to include me in the whole thing. It's 20 odd years since that day and despite the numerous house moves, I still have that plaque and each time I look at it I am reminded of  Tommo and simply what a nice big guy he was.

Dave Duffy

3G Mess

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