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Wash Up


Wash Up
Dave Bioletti
Ray Lester
Sharky Ward

Friday 21st- Village Hotel

Friday evening was a time for catching up, meeting new friends, the traditional Loud Shirt competition and gate crashing a 70's night wedding party. The catching up and meeting of new friends went well and Mac Maclean was well ahead in the Loud Shirt competition, until..........more later............As the amber nectar and the smaller neck warms flowed down the throats of the very thirsty recipients, a certain member who was none other than the infamous Danny Danks, secured (smooth talked) an invitation to a Hen Party that was well and truly in full flow right there in the hotel function room next to the now closing bar that we had only recently became very attached too, being what is now fine upstanding experienced men of the world we of course resisted the temptation borne by that infamous character and did not join the party for a least 3 or 4 minutes.

One member in particular, who shall remain anonymous, could not wait to throw a wicked welly around the dance floor, and only left the floor for relief and refreshment. (apparently he was like a man possessed having been let off a leash).......back to the Loud Shirts .............. although Mac was way out in front a previously unknown by the name of Sooty Sutcliffe disappeared for several minutes then burst in, in a Salmon Pink two piece suit, Shocking Pink shirt and donning Dark Shades.............Ray Lester was designated Judge but was unable to come to a decision as he was distracted by a mild mannered Pete Inchcliffe that metamorphosed into Ossie Osborne by donning a scary wig and 'Black Catting' the lot of them...............

Mac Maclean

Sooty Sutcliffe

Pete Inchcliffe

Saturday 20th - RNA Birkenhead

We were made very welcome by the association members and even invited to take part in their celebrations that were being held on the same night ....... although the room we had booked look a bit small, cramped and distinctly 'pusser' it soon proved to be sufficient and adequate in accommodating Sharky's Karaoke equipment, which provided an excellent night of entertainment with many members proving to be budding X factor candidates......well maybe not.......... the entertainment was further enhanced by the impromptu acrobatics display provided by Alan Kay ( sorry mate I hope the back wasn't too painful the next morning).

All members paid towards the buffet and expenses  for the night and this together with the proceeds from the raffle left a small balance of 47, it was decided that this would be used to produce a Ships Crest for presentation to the RNA to add to their collection, and the remaining balance to be donate to their charity. Although these decisions were made by Dave Bioletti, Ray Lester and those in ear shot we hope no one that was present would disagree.

At the end of the night we were asked to stop singing for the sake of the neighbours and although some members were some what confused by this, as the club was in the middle of a field and quite some distance from the road, the request was nevertheless honoured and we all returned back on board to the hotel where they had the audacity to keep the bar open until 4 am.


A big Bravo Zulu to Dave Bioletti with out whom this night would not have happened



'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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