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Ray Lester
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Pat Smith
Rick Irvine

Day One - Friday Evening


The weekend began in the bar as shipmates arrived and headed for the Hotel Bar this turned out to be a terrible place with no one taking charge which meant for security reasons many of us had to stay in there in case any unsavoury characters tried to come in, for some this would be until around 0500. Earlier that evening almost right outside the Hotel there was a World Championship Fireworks competition, and it so happened that it was the show put on by Scotland.

Much chin wagging continued which abated for a short time for Dave McMohan to prove that a Monkey's Shoulder was in fact a malt whisky....... he did this by allowing a measured tot to be supped for a 1 charity donation, needless to say that 1 coins were raining in from all angles, several shipmates wanted to donate 5 to get  there dry lips on more glasses as it apparently made them some what thirsty ...... following this the Loud Shirt / Yarmouth Polo Shirt contest was called for. Judged my Mandy Sibbons who declared Pat Smith the winner over a close second Rick Irvine. Pat had a slight advantage in so much as he wore both Loud Shirt with a Yarmouth Polo Shirt underneath. Mandy presented Pat with a bottle of Glenfiddich 12, and Pat graciously followed Dave's lead and offered a measured tot to those that wanted it, this was met with another rainfall of 1 coins. A total of 45 was collected by these two considerate shipmates.

The evening wore on with roars of laughter coming from all corner and occasionally we heard a Man's voice, so it was clear the ladies were having a good run.

During the day time on Saturday shopping, walking, eating, football on the telly were the order of the day some preferred a DTS ............ after shopping I caught up on some missed sleep as I had to do the Middle and part of the Morning Watches due to the lack of security in the Bar.

Day Two - Saturday Evening

The evening started just after 1830 in the bar in readiness for Rick Irvine's Tot time at 1900. with a tot in hand (neaters) the toast was .....'Absent Friends'........... yes we know that its traditionally the Sunday toast but we deemed this more appropriate than 'sweet hearts and wives may they never meet. (especially as they were all there).

Once the belly had accepted that the Rum was supposed to stay there we moved on to the Dining Room whereupon the Gala Meal was served. The food was very well presented and very tasty but difficult to find as the portions were a bit on the small side and seemed to hog one corner of the plate. The figgy duff was slightly more proportionate even though Freddie Forsyth's blue cheese seemed to have done a runner and escaped over to Rab Reilly's plate.

After the meal we were about to settle down and get organised for the raffle and disco who suddenly and unbeknown to me a Cabaret singer started bellowing out dulcet tones and I was unable to get the raffle etc organised. This was not on my agenda and through me 10 left ........... it turnout to be brilliant and he got everyone singing along to popular songs albeit Freddie and Rab thought the other side of the room were rather quite compared to us and referred to them as "you are Shite over there".............the cabaret was only on for 45 minutes and the disco followed............

The raffle was very successful with many donations coming from shipmates on the night and I apologise for not being able to put your names forward as it became a bit manic and rather than thanking those that donated a prize individually and for fear of forgetting someone I thank you all very very much. the Proceeds of the raffle came to 128.

Following the usual raffle we held a special raffle for what was and is the

HMS Yarmouth Captains Clock 1957 to 1987

This Clock is the real McCoy and was Rescued by George Hubbard whilst serving aboard the Manchester which was responsible for our Great Ladies demise. George for many reasons donated the Clock at this reunion and asked that it be honoured with a fitting higher than average price per ticket and the proceeds donated to the Charity for Fallen Heroes.... this is a very good charity and I know you will all have heard of it. It is particular relevant to George as his son is serving in Afghanistan, and I know that other shipmates have sons and daughters on the front line too in this mad god forsaken World were sold at 10 each and a total of 530 was raised. Also included in this prize was other memorabilia consisting of an argy helmet 4 Zippo lighters  and 2 cut down brass cartridge cases all with a Falklands connection in one way or form. The two brasses raised another 50 each from shipmates Dave McMahon and Frank Butler.

Sheila Irvine asked if she could deposit the proceeds through the Halifax Bank of Scotland who will match the sum deposited. This was another bonus that we accepted with enthusiasm.


Money's raised on the night

  Dave and Pat - Tots


  Raffle 128.00  
  Dave and Frank - brasses 100.00  
  George and the Captains Clock 530.00  
  Night Total 803.00  
  Banks match 803.00  
  Total Donation to Fallen Heroes 1606.00  

I will run a page on the clock as soon as I can to show you it in all its glory. Oh yes I almost forgot.........the holder of the winning ticket was this space.

The evening was rounded off with the mandatory sing song and Freddie Forsyth in full voice with an excellent rendition of ..."Alawetta".....and a few others,  a ships song from an early time  called ..."The Yarmouth Blues" .... by John 'Trixie' Treece went down well and it was promised that words and verse would be put on the website so they could be learnt by others by the next reunion.

Day Three - Sunday

Leave neverneverland and an attempt to return to normality amongst that strange species better know as human beings. At least until the next time.



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