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Blackpool 2008                                                                                          The Group


Ray Lester
Mike Diskett
Mac MacIntyre
Pat Smith
Rick Irvine



All those pictured below were in attendance in one form or another during the weekend

Click on a photo to enlarge
Rick & Sheila Irvine   Ray & Julia Lester   Frank & Kitty Butler
Rob & Andrea Hewitson   Dave & Gwen McMahon   Tim & Mandy Sibbons
Ian & Elaine Thomas   Pat Smith & April   Keith & Diane Stubbs
Will & Theresa Henderson   Keith & Margaret James   Ian & Carol McIntyre
John & Sue Jones   John & Cheryl Treece   Malcolm & Angela
Mike Diskett Trevor Rodgers   Rab Reilly Freddie Forsyth   Davey Higgs Alan Kay
Colin Barron Keith Wiggens   Colin Cameron George Hubbard   ask George Captain's Clock

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'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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