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12th July 2003


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Present were;

Ginge Daniels, Chelsea Campbell, Dave Higgs, Scouse Jeavons, Joe Carey, Dusty Miller, Joe D' Souza, Steve McNaught, Tom 'TK' Smith, Andy Ross, Taff Knight, Bungy Edwards, Paul Newbury

Ginge and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the lads who served on HMS Yarmouth and made the reunion a great success. Thanks for the calls and emails from all of those who where unable to make it. As everyone is aware is not easy to choose a place which is best for all. I would like to explain the reasons as to why we had the reunions in London last year and Portsmouth this year.

The London reunion was the first reunion as Ginge and I were only in touch with a couple of people after the Falklands reunion in Gosport and with the exception of a few, most were from down south. Ginge and a few others were on holiday so it made sense to have to have a little reunion close by.  This lead Ginge and I to arrange another that was not just a Falklands reunion but an HMS Yarmouth reunion that would be open to all who served on her. We repeatedly asked everyone we knew to suggest a place to meet.  Portsmouth got the most suggestions.

Next years reunion needs to be started now. It has been suggested that Great Yarmouth be the venue as it will be twenty years since the ship received the freedom of the city. A reunion has been suggested in Scotland but someone up there needs to get the ball rolling and help with organizing it. Suggestions for a venue can be emailed or posted on the guest book. Just remember it takes the effort from you all to make this work. If you canít be bothered so be it. My reunion started with some of the boys from up north staying round mine on Friday night and drinking all my cold beer from the fridge.  My lovely guard dog called Chelsea, what else would he be called! (west ham, I think not!) seemed to get confused when I was called Chelsea. But, he was a good lad and very well behaved. After lots of beer, champers and photos, the clock struck 5am.

With an early start ahead of us we decided to retire. At 8.30  we were up and in need of lots of paracetamol and coffee. After coffee, toast and more coffee we were ready to set off. We left Cambridge around 11am. We got as far as Stanstead airport which is about 20 minutes up the road and we had to stop for another coffee!  In we went had a coffee and a KFC.  Next question was should we go round the M25 via Heathrow or Gatwick. Finally we decided to go the Gatwick route. As we traveled Up the M11, on the radio was the news we didnít need to hear. Lorry crashed and Junction 5 to 6 is closed (Great). Cut a long story short, if there was a back road to Portsmouth we used it! 7 hours later we arrived. We made it.

All the greeting done We got to the bar and ordered the first beer. We sat down and let the tongues loose. I was told to look at these pictures that young Paul Newbury had, which turned out To be photographs of oil paintings that a friend of his does. I suggest you all have a look on the website they are brilliant. On to the pizza hut and into the MF sorry, itís now the Albany and it has windows! A few drinks and more chat before we hit Joannaís. Only you had to be a member or hold an RN id card to get in. Some smooth talking by Scouse and the bouncer decided to let us in. As they say, the rest is history.

Sunday a few of us met up and had coffee in the quayside (HMS Vernon) what a change, and for Taff  Knight and myself as sonar rating where all our training was done it was soul destroying. Only the main gate and the old captain hose was left and not a mention of the history. Well not that I saw anyway. Even I anti RN as I was, I actually felt sad and really disappointed. I had read about it on Jimmy Greens website but to actually see it brings it all home. I know we all move on but the fact that I saw no mention of it ever being a naval base made it all the more disappointing. Gutted still life goes on. Next year we would like to see more people of the Yarmouth no matter what rank you where or our now. Life is too short to hold grudges, so if you are thinking of coming but not sure. I can tell you itís a great day, who is doing what and what they have all done over the years. Donít miss out next year itís all good fun.

Chelsea Campbell





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