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A great do organised by Rick Irvine and held at HMS Caledonia

Saturday 30th June

If I have missed a name or got it wrong please let me know and I will correct it, I only had a bit of a serviette to write on and many of you I only met for the first time on the night, albeit a bloody good night judging by my handwriting. Links to more photies on the left.

Rick Irvine Archie Calderwood Dave McMahon Iain Mcleod Jed Butt
Danny Melville George Hubbard Colin Townsend Frank Butler George Mudd
Keith Stubbs Trevor Roberts Alan Smith Austin Hendren Steve Worsfold
Ray Lester Pete Hopper Keith Wheatley Graham Tonge Alex Groom
Derek Chambers John West Jim Hynes Jim Smart (?) Graham Matheson


Sheila Irvine Karen Calderwood Mary Bruce Gwen McMahon Jane Worsfold
Kitty Butler Diane Stubbs Val Roberts June (?) Wheatley Eileen West
  Juliet Hendren   Nancy Townsend  


'Rex et jura nostra'  'Our King and Laws'    1959 - 1986


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